Table of Contents


Section 1: The 10,000-Foot View, Basics Never Change

Chapter One: Why do we Invest?

  • Brighter Future
  • Lower Risk
  • Investing to Make Money
  • Store Excess Cash

Chapter Two: What is in Investing?

  • Providing Others Capital
  • Providing Yourself a Return
  • Probability Measurement
  • Future Security

Chapter Three: When do we Invest?

  • Best time to Start
  • Opportunities 

Chapter Four: Where do we Invest?

  • Securities Markets
  • Real Estate
  • Annuities
  • Other (College savings plans, etc.)

Chapter Five: How do we Invest?

  • Mutual Funds
  • Deferred Employer Plans
  • Through a Professional Planner
  • Broker

Section 2: Basic Tools of Retirement

Chapter Six: Tax-Deferred Investing

  • IRA (Traditional, Roth, SEP)
  • 401(k), 403(b), 457

Chapter Seven: Stocks

  • Sectors
  • Risks
  • Rewards

Chapter Eight: Bonds

  • Types
  • Risks
  • Rewards

Chapter Nine: Real Estate

  • Direct Investment
  • REITs

Chapter Ten: Annuities

  • Benefits
  • Types

Chapter Eleven: Teamwork

  • Where to Get Advice

Section 3: What Drives Markets 

Chapter Twelve: Stocks

  • Bonds
  • Real Estate

Chapter Thirteen: The Most Important Economic Indicators

Chapter Fourteen: Confidence in Cycles

Section 4: Slower-Lower Tips for Longer-Greater Success

Chapter Fifteen: Success

  • Big Picture

Chapter Sixteen: Investment Success

Chapter Seventeen: Successful Life Planning

Chapter Eighteen: Risk Management and Happiness


Book Preview

“I hope advisors will read the book and realize there is more to financial and retirement planning than getting a particular clients’ affairs in order to meet their minimum requirements over the next 20 – 30 years or what we call 'retirement.' ”

- Eddie Ghabour